Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Designs

Great day! Generated a bunch of new drawings
in my book, transferred 4 new drawings onto panels
and continued to work on new designs for casting.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cast Your Fate to the Wind

In my blog from a couple days ago I shared a piece that is
being used for a book cover. I'm working on the painting
now, and thought I'd show you how that's developing. The
original drawing from my notebook is shown above.

I transfer the drawing onto a prepared board using carbon
paper. A red pen helps me see where I've already drawn.

Once the drawing is on the board, I go over the line with
a fine liner brush and oil paint.

I start to build up the values with a burnt umber under

Friday, February 20, 2009

Creating a Reusable Mold

The other day I came across a little face sculpture that I had
created some time ago ... What can I say? I was inspired. I have
so many ideas and would just love to produce a whole series; a
wall of these little guys. So I've decided to make multiples of
this one and others to come. Check out this piece as I take it
from the original sculpture through the mold making process.
Above is the sculpted piece ready for casting.

I make a wall around the original to retain the liquid rubber
and apply a releasing agent.

The amber liquid is slowly poured in on the original.

Once cured, the original is pulled out and the mold is ready for casting.

Here's a shot of the poured plaster in the mold. I have used a special
hydrostone plaster that is used in high end statuary which takes paint
quite nicely.

Voila! The demolded sculptures.

Building an inventory

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Cover

I've been having a lot of fun developing this illustration for my friend's book of poetry and other creative writings. I'll be posting some photo's of the original doodle, as well as photo's of the painting in progress. Here's a look at the tight drawing and suggested layout for the book cover, to wet your appetite.