Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bunny House

I did a drawing of this little bunny house and thought it might be a nice sculpture. I'd like to see one of these in real life. It turned out ok, I think I will do another and fatten it up a bit, also I would like to do a tongue on the next one. 


  1. Chris!..this is beyond awesome!! Are you going to paint it, and does it come with the little smoking bunny dude?

  2. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks ! Yes I will be painting all the sculptures. Summertime has thrown me off a little, I like to paint in the mornings, but as of late I have only found time to work at night which works out better for sculpting. The little smoking bunny dude is my monitor god, he sits on the monitor to insure my monitor wont die. I have made a small woo that will be looking out from the doorway. I will get a photo soon!
    PS: The Woo is the little guy in the spaceship on the background of this blog. My kids helped me name him.