Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mosaic Mirror

Here's a look at my process putting together a mosaic mirror.

I start by using mastic to glue the edge tiles on a wooden frame. That creates
a channel to drop my tiles into. The tiles are loose at this point. The frame
has a recess on the back side that the mirror will fit into.

Here I have all the tiles laid out the way I want them.

Next I like to use this broken Italian floor tile that has been tumbled to
fill in around the color tiles.

Finally the fun part - grouting. I find the black grout gives me the best
contrast and makes the colors really pop.


  1. wonderful to see what you are creating and so gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! It changes direction all the time. Chris

  3. I think you have magic on your hand that something is going here magically. It's so lovely and hope you'll get your desired one.

  4. Hey I was looking for you online and in 1997 I bought one of your lazy susans, and a trivet at the Los Altos art fest. I still have it in my kitchen and look at them every day, love love love them, I've traveled all over the world and just got back from Istanbul and still your tiles stand out among the finest. When I can afford it I'll buy some more. I live in Colorado now but are you ever around here?

  5. Hi enjoy! I'm glad you still have the pieces and they are still holding up! Funny you should mention Istanbul , I traveled a lot when I was a kid and started drawing and making stuff during a 2 year stint in Iran. Something about all the textiles and tile work and being a teen. I unfortunately do not do shows any more so I don't see getting up to Colorado any time soon. Thanks for the kind words. And as your name so aptly puts it enjoy!!!