Thursday, April 5, 2012

Right from the Kiln

Heres a look at the decals fired, right out of the kiln. The black toner has turned a dark brown sepia color which is nice. It looks as though the iron oxide in the decal has fused quite well with the original glaze. Not bad for a first go at it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ceramic Decals

I'm on a new adventure experimenting with ways to apply surface decoration to ceramics. Man it's not easy to find information on making these things. These are laser jet print outs using an HP Laser Jet 1022, using a special toner cartridge of iron oxide, printed on decal paper and then applied to the ceramics. Problem with these is your limited to black only, the higher the temperature you fire them the more sepia tone they become. Depending on what kind of glaze your applying them to determines how high you need to fire them. You want to fire just below what the piece was fired at so that the decal will fuse to the piece. These photos are pre firing btw, they're on a porcelain ceramic so it is going to turn pretty sepia when fired.