Friday, February 8, 2013

Woo Anima

This is a fun little thing I did in flash using a drawing from my notebook.

Making Tile Cutters

 Heres my way of making tile cutters, not the only way for sure but it works. I use tin sheet which you can get at any hobby shop. Its really bendable and you can solder it. I start by cutting a block of wood the size of the tile I want to make. I like to round the corners a bit with a little sand paper. This block will serve as a guide for bending the tin sheet around. It will also act as the pusher for popping the clay tile out of the cutter later on. Take the tin sheet and bend it around the wood block making sure you have a tight fit. Once in place I clamp it and solder it right on the block It's a little tight to get off but thats what you want for a good pusher. Once off, I sand the block slightly and it's much easier to get on and off. I use the glue gun to glue the block to a base, which is cool because when you cut tiles you can turn the cutter over on its base and press down on the tin sheet and the tiles will pop out with little effort.  A rim soldered around the cutter helps to push down when cutting. I use a little weld putty on the corners to make it a little easier on the hands. Love to see how you do it . Drop me a line. Chris